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Religion Class

Religion class dates:

  • Sept 8, 2024

  • October 6, 2024

  • November 3, 2024

  • December 8, 2024

  • January 5, 2025

  • February 2, 2025

  • March 2, 2025

  • April 6, 2025

  • May 4, 2025

  • June 1, 2025

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Children's religion classes are held once a month on Sundays, from September to June at: 12 Mudge Way, Bedford MA 01730.

The yellow town hall building has plenty of parking space available. Enter through the large green doors and meet at Flint Room, located at the top of the staircase and at end of the hallway. Classes start promptly at 2pm and dismissal is at 4pm.

Classes start for children who are at least 4 yrs old by September 1st and are divided into 3 class groups based on grade level.

Get in touch with us to enroll your child and inquire about class schedule and payment to help cover the cost of the rental space. 

Classes are divided by age group and are led by volunteer teachers:

Class 1 - Pre-K (age 4 by Sept 1st) to Grade 1 

Class 2 - Grade 2 to Grade 4 

Class 3 - Grade 5 and up 

If you would like to sign your child up for classes or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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