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Upcoming Events

Check out our calendar of upcoming events. We organize both religious and cultural events throughout the year. Don't miss out on the opportunity to participate in our community events and connect with the community.

Colorful Birthday Party

ZAGBA turns 40!

Save The Date:

July 21st, 2024


Celebrating 40 years since being founded, ZAGBA has been an integral part of the Zoroastrian community based in Boston and beyond. 

Join us on July 21st, 2024, as we celebrate this milestone event to commemorate this momentous occasion!

Stay tuned, more details to follow....

Picnic Basket

Annual Summer Picnic

Date and Time TBD

Location details coming soon

Join us for our annual summer picnic event! Bring a picnic mat and some food to share with friends and family.


Stay tuned for more details. 

religion class

Children's Religious Education

ZAGBA offers religious education classes for children. Join us as we meet during the school calendar, once every Sunday, where kids can learn about the teachings of Zoroastrianism in a fun and interactive way.

Classes for various age groups, from age 4 up. Volunteer teaching opportunities are also available for teens.

religious ceremony

Annual Jashan and Gahmabar

We organize cultural gatherings throughout the year to celebrate Zoroastrian festivals and traditions. Join us for our next event and experience the rich cultural heritage of our religion.

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