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Zoroastrian Association of Greater Boston Area (ZAGBA) is a non-profit organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

ZAGBA Overview:

February 15, 2016 is when ZAGBA was born - Happy Birthday ZAGBA !

ZAGBA's mission is to conduct religious, cultural, educational, and social activities to preserve and perpetuate the ideals of the Zarathushti faith (also known as Zoroastrianism).

The ZAGBA community has over 200 families, students, and young professionals living throughout New England. These members/friends are Zarathushti (Zoroastrians) or people who have an interest in expanding their knowledge and understanding of the Zarathushti religion, theology, philosophy, and values.

ZAGBA is fortunate to have in the local community Mobeds (priests) who conduct religious services, ceremonies, and rituals; several scholars who study, research, and provide opportunities to learn the teachings of the Prophet Zarathushtra (aka Zoroaster); numerous individuals whose service on executive boards and committees (i.e. youth, sports, service, children and adult education, religious services, outreach) provide leadership and vision to a growing community; and countless active members who through their participation, initiative, and hard work are committed to building a strong community.

ZAGBA maintains close contact with and participates in the activities of other Zarathushti societies in North America and across the globe. ZAGBA is one of the 26 member associations that make up FEZANA (Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America), an umbrella organization that facilitates and supports the activities member associations throughout United States and Canada. ZAGBA also participates in regional interfaith activities throughout the year.


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Article - Article

Zoroastrian Chaplain at Harvard and MIT in Boston, USA - Daryush Mehta

FEZANA 2015 Fall Issue: Yalda Festival Table (Shab-e_Cheleh) - Rita Kapadia

Asho Zarathustra’s Gathas - A  Presentation  compiled by  Kersee Kabraji  (Click to download)

Parsian Catering by Beroz and Kavas Mody (Click for catering menu)

Parsi Cuisine by Rita Jamshed Kapadia (Recipes and Cookbooks)

Website by Dr Ramiyar Karanjia

Presentation on Zoroastrianism by Aban Grant


Seminar by two scholars of Zoroastrianism and Zoroastrian history

Zoroastrian Rituals by Firoze Jungalwala and Farhad Panthaki

Last Rituals Resource Guide

Zoroastrian Concepts and Core Beliefs (Part of the ZAGBA Adult Learning Series)

List of Shops in Mumbai for Weddings, Navjotes Jeweler, Caterers, Ses, Flowers & Sarees


Please save the following important dates for all of the upcoming main ZAGBA events held every year PDF Print E-mail
Upcoming Events - Upcoming Events

Closer to the date of each event, an Evite with further details will be sent out, but for now please pencil these dates & locations in your calendars.


March 26, 2016 (Saturday): 6:00 pm—Navroze Function @ the Church of Damascus.

(PS: The dates and times are subject to change depending on venue availability and/or weather conditions.)

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We look forward to having a fun filled year & celebrating the above events with all of you.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Firoza, Kaynaz, Kaio, Aban & Yasmin

(ZAGBA Board)


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